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Spelman Spring

Student Stories

Taylor Brown Uses Analytical Skills to Thrive in Data Science Environment

July 2019

Spelman Economics Major Taylor BrownEconomics major Taylor Brown, C’2021, is already taking advantage of Spelman’s data-related course offerings. This summer Brown will conduct research at the University of Virginia Data Science Institute, where she will use mortgage data to investigate the relationship between the rate of home loan denials and factors including income, race and gender.

Spelman Economics Course Sparks Scholar's Interest in Data Science

Brown became interested in data science after taking a course in econometrics. “We worked with data and coding to answer economic questions with empirical methods,” she said. Working closely with Spelman professors Marionette Holmes, Ph.D., and Jarod Apperson, Ph.D., helped Brown build a strong skill set in data science. “My summer experience, paired with my Spelman studies, provide real-life experience to build upon,” she said.

“Working closely with economic professors has allowed me to take the analytical skills gained in class, and transfer them to a data science environment,” said Brown. “These opportunities have helped me gain the crucial skills needed to prepare me for the workforce.”

Taylor’s participation in UVA’s summer research program was funded by Tiger 21 through a philanthropic gift arranged the institution's industry advisory board member Linda Abraham.