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Iesha Baldwin is an Emerging Leader in Sustainability

February 2019

iesha baldwin Environmental Studies major Iesha Baldwin, C'2019, was one of nine career professionals to attend the GreenBiz Group’s titled VERGE 18 conference and expo in Oakland, California. She had the opportunity to not only hear from but speak with other sustainable professionals to learn firsthand about the systems, science and technology driving a just transition to a clean economy.

"The greatest takeaway that I received from VERGE 18 is to become excellent at solving one problem," Baldwin says.

"Receiving this advice from many solution solvers encouraged me to become an individual who believes that I have the power, tools and resources to create a cleaner economy. I plan to put the inspiration I received from VERGE 18 into action by becoming a social entrepreneur and partnering with companies, individuals and organizations that have the desire to create clean economies.”

A Spelman Green Leader

Baldwin, who is a Sustainable Spelman Intern and a member of the Environmental Task Force, has a deep passion to protect the environment and to create ways to effectively solve environmental issues. Her experience working and volunteering has given her a well-rounded skill set to create solutions and to have a positive impact on low income communities.

Solving Real-World Problems

The Dublin, Georgia native started the #RefillNotLandfill project at Spelman College to spread awareness about plastic pollution and the danger it has on marine wildlife, wild animals, and human beings. This project came to fruition when she received a $1,000 grant from the Pollination Project. The goal of her project was to provide students and faculty of Spelman College with an alternative option to consume safe drinking water without the usage of plastic water bottles.

While planning #RefillNotLandfill at Spelman, Baldwin began to work with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance where she volunteered for a year. During her time there,she educated youth from the Tuskegee Airmen Academy about conservation, watersheds, the importance of turning off water while brushing one’s teeth, taking short showers, and the water cycle. She has found that volunteering at elementary schools across Atlanta is very rewarding because she is able to engage in positive educational activities with students that are in need of positive role models.

Baldwin has helped protect the environment by using her experiences to spark others to discuss environmental issues and help minority groups know that what happens in the environment has a huge impact on their life.

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