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My Spelman Experience: Camryn Hall Rounds Out Her College Career With Service

December 2017

Spelman Bonner Scholar Camryn HallSpelman economics major Camryn Hall, C'2019, is passionate about community service and her role as a Bonner Scholar, one of the College's popular civic engagement programs that involves students in ongoing service work.

Hall, a Detroit native, has logged countless hours of  community service and thoroughly enjoys teaching and mentoring youth.

"I am passionate about working with youth and helping them find value within themselves and their education. Working within my community allows me to show young adults that they have endless capabilities and opportunities," said Hall.

"I see the young children I interact with grappling with internal and external struggles that I once faced myself. Since I have been exposed to resources that enabled me o find my own success, I feel as though I must use those tools in order to uplift others. I enjoy hearing the stories of the young people I work with because they are all so similar to my own. I want African American youth to be comfortable with their stories, to embrace who they are, and to use their confidence to fuel their success."

Upon graduation, Hall intends to pursue a career in online marketing and digital media; explore the world through travel, and attend graduate school to obtain a masters in business administration.

Hall's Final Reflections on her Spelman Experience

"Coming to college, for many people, is a fresh start to reinvent themselves or make new goals and reach new potentials. It was important for me at the beginning of my Spelman experience to remember where I came from and to always honor who I was before Spelman," said Hall. 

"I’m able to appreciate each milestone because I am able to recognize my growth. My Spelman experience has been filled with some downs but a lot of ups and I am thankful that I have always stayed true to myself."