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Ebone Monk Wins Top Award at Environmental Youth Symposium

October 2015

Physics Major Ebone MonkPhysics major Ebone Monk, C’2016, recently won first-place honors during the International Environmental Youth Symposium 2015 Student Poster Competition for her research on urban systems. She also won first place overall from a pool of 67 international participants who, together with current stakeholders from universities, government and the industry, attended the event to examine the environmental challenges of today in hopes of finding viable solutions for tomorrow.

The symposium, held Oct. 1-2 at the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center, focused on the theme, “One World, One Environment.”

Monk's award-winning project focused on the "beta pen," a device used to detect radiation. To gain a greater appreciation and understanding, view a video of Monk giving her first "beta pen" presentation during a six-week summer program at the University of Glasgow in July 2015.

How Does the Beta Pen Really Work?

What Motivates and Drives This Talented Scientist?

Physics Major Ebone MonkOn her website,, Monk revealed the force that drives her:  

"I love science (physics and neuroscience), technology (rehabilitative technologies, electronics, human-computer interfaces, etc.), books, family, friends, food and quirky things! However, I have come to the conclusion that I want a life that forces me to engage with the realities of the world, to think about human problems – our problems. Problems that include: the social, political, and technological realm."

She added, "For me, the role of the individual is always politically charged, because matters of autonomy, free will, self-determination, and happiness will always include the larger society."