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Spelman College 2018 WEL Graduates

Women of Excellence in Leadership at Spelman College [WELS] Graduates

Leadership and Civic Engagement (LEADS) at Spelman College presents the Women of Excellence in Leadership (WELS) at Spelman College, a program designed to train students for leadership roles in the global community. This program — developed in keeping with the College’s objective to cultivate change agents for a civil and just society — features leadership experts, including Spelman faculty, non-profit executives, corporate representatives, and entrepreneurs.

2023 Graduates

Nailah Chambers, C’2023

Nailah Chambers

Nailah Chambers, C’2023
Political Science

Career Plan : 
Public Service and Lobbying

Leadership Motto :

“Leaders do not need to be a “know it all,” leaders are those who are willing to learn and ask hard questions.”

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