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Spelman College 2018 WEL Graduates

Women of Excellence Leadership [WEL] Graduates

Spelman College presents the Women of Excellence Leadership (WEL) Series graduates who have successfully completed the certificate program designed to train students for leadership roles in the global community. This powerful series — developed in keeping with the College’s objective to cultivate change agents for a civil and just society — features leadership experts, entrepreneurs, noted faculty, community leaders, and prominent corporate partners as leadership development agents for WEL participants. (Select an image below to learn more about each WEL Scholar).

2020 Graduates

Asha Murrell, C'2020

Asha Murrell, a health science major, will become a preeminent principal investigator in the field of neuroscience. She will make groundbreaking strides towards novel therapeutics for neurocognitive disorders including, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, while evoking change and altering the narrative of African American women in biomedical research.

Asha Murrell