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Student Life: LEADS at Spelman

Spelpreneur Schedule of Events

Spelpreneur Schedule of Events

Coca-Cola Intergenerational Leadership Mentoring Program

Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Spelman

Come and hear how the Spelpreneur program can help you realize your dream. The program offers weekly sessions where you can learn how to start your own innovative business, find an entrepreneur mentor, and network with entrepreneurs.

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  • Spelpreneur: Speed Mentoring

    Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 | 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
    How to find us: LLCII

    Part of the Spelpreneur Series: In its continuing effort to foster entrepreneurship and innovation at Spelman College, the Spelpreneur program will host  a speed mentoring event broken down into10-minute intervals designed to afford students an opportunity to meet, greet and learn business practices from some of the College’s successful alumnae entrepreneurs.

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  • Jan


    Students will engage in a series of 10-minute conversations with alumnae entrepreneurs and get feedback on previous assignments.

INSPIRE: Speaker Series

Jan. 30 - Feb. 13, 2018
In its continued effort to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, Spelman College will feature a series of  inspiring entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that.” From a tech startup and hair pioneer to a  social “do-gooder,” come hear how these entrepreneurs have turned problem-solving ideas into million-dollar results and groundbreaking solutions.

EMPOWER: Competition Series

Feb. 18 - Feb. 28, 2018
Spelpreneur 10 Day Startup Competition

Aspiring entrepreneurs at Spelman College will hone skills needed to advance through the process from problem identification to minimum viable product. In 10 days, students will form teams, select a challenge, diagnose the problem, demonstrate how their idea presents the best solution to the problem, and identify what resources it takes to develop a minimum viable product.

EDUCATE: Fundamental Series

Sept. 19 - Nov. 14, 2017
Students will be introduced to the mindset, skills, resources, and roles of the entrepreneur; importance of innovation; and critical steps of entrepreneurship.

All sessions are either Tuesday or Thursday, 6 - 8 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. Click on the event to view details, as well as to register.

  • Sep


    A panel discussion where you'll learn the skills and mind-set of an entrepreneur, factors that influence one’s decision to be an entrepreneur, and the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur.
  • Sep


    Hear from innovators and entrepreneurs Brandy Nagel and Dayka Robinson, C'2005, and work with mentors to dissect innovative business ideas and begin customer discovery.
  • Oct


    Hear from Jane McCracken with ATDC, and work with mentors to create a business model canvas.
  • Oct


    Get a demonstration from Kirsten Bray, C’2018, and tour the Innovation Lab with Dr. Jerry Volcy and Jessica Anderson. Design a prototype and/or identify tools needed to create a product/deliver a service.
  • Oct


    Students engage in a series of 10-minute conversations with alumnae entrepreneurs and get feedback from previous assignments.
  • Oct


    A limited number of students will tour the BIG Incubator to see resources available to assist entrepreneurs in starting up and sustaining their businesses.
  • Nov


    A panel discussion with Tosha McDade, C’2004, and Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, moderated by Nakia Melecio, where you will learn steps and funding options you can take now to be in a good financial position.
  • Nov


    Students present business model canvas and Innovation Lab creation.
Spelpreneur 10 Day Challenge

Spelpreneur Speaker Series