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Student Life: LEADS at Spelman



Coca-Cola Intergenerational Leadership Mentoring Program

Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Spelman

Schedule of Events

The Proof is in the Product -- Student Business Owner Benefits From Spelpreneur Program

Patrisha Hedgemond, C'2018, is the founder and CEO of Cultural Cosmetics, a budding beauty company based in Miami, Florida. Hedgemond started her business at 17, but as a second-year participant in the College's Spelpreneur initiative, she shares how the program has helped her elevate her business to the next level. The Coca-Cola Intergenerational Leadership Mentoring Program or Spelpreneur, offers weekly sessions where students learn how to start an innovative business, find an entrepreneur mentor, and network with entrepreneurs.


EDUCATE: Fundamental Series
Sept. 19 - Nov. 14, 2017
Eight weekly sessions where students are introduced to the mindset, skills, resources, and roles of the entrepreneur; importance of innovation; and critical steps of entrepreneurship.

INSPIRE: Speaker Series
Jan. 30 - Feb. 13, 2018
Three weekly sessions where students engage with entrepreneurs who openly talk about their entrepreneurial journey.

EMPOWER: Competition
Feb. 18 - Feb. 28, 2018
Competition of innovative business ideas addressing a topic unique to Spelman where students leverage communications, problem solving, and teamwork skills. 



  • Expose students to basic entrepreneurial fundamentals and the role of the entrepreneur
  • Ensure students recognize “innovation is anything but business as usual”
  • Enable students to learn by doing


Students will develop:
  • a sense of entrepreneurial acumen
  • the ability to innovate and recognize compelling business opportunities
  • an awareness of the right people to include on their team to ensure entrepreneurial success