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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The health and safety of the Spelman College community is a top priority. As the health crisis deepens, we know that you will have questions and the College has assembled this list of frequently asked questions that have come to our attention to date. This list will undergo constant modification and updates as the situation changes and as we receive additional information.

Remote Learning FAQs

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Summer Online Courses

Tutorial Services

Student Access Center - Student Information

Student Access Center - Faculty Information

  • As I am adapting my course materials for virtual/remote instruction, what should I be considering with regards to disability access? How do I best support my students?
  • How will exam accommodations work? Will SAC proctor online exams?
  • How do I know which students have extended time for online quizzes/exams?
  • Does this affect Flexible Attendance and Extended Time on Assignments?

Office of Research, Innovation, and Collaboration

International Studies / World Languages & Literature

  • Will the mandatory study abroad requirement be enforced?

Student FAQs

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New Student Orientation

NSO Information and FAQs

Study Abroad

  • What impact will your decision on the fall semester have on students planning to study abroad in the fall?
  • How will the mandatory study abroad requirement for International Studies major students be addressed?

Transcripts for Graduates / Grades Available


Spring 2020 Commencement

Classes, Coursework, and Research

Counseling Services

  • How do I contact Counseling Services?
  • What services are available as remote counseling?
  • Do I need to give my consent for remote counseling services?
  • What can I do if I experience a mental health crisis, but cannot attend an in-person session?
  • How does remote counseling work?
  • Are there any limits or risks related to remote counseling services?

Student Access Center - Student Information

Title IX

Health Careers Program

Spring 2020 Student Refunds

Spring 2020 Move Out and Residential Life

  • Will residence halls completely close?
  • What is the move-out schedule?
  • I can’t move home. Who should I contact if I cannot afford to go home?
  • Can I move out early?
  • Can I leave behind my personal items on campus beyond the move out?
  • I can’t afford a plane, bus, or train ticket. What do I do?
  • Are visitors allowed on campus to assist with move-out?
  • Who should I contact if I cannot afford to go home?
  • Should I move out my furniture?
  • Storage
  • If I cannot bring all of my things home, where can I store them?
  • Transportation

Campus Operations and Contingency Planning FAQs

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General Information

Employee FAQs

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Human Resource Services for Employes

Title IX

Spelman College CARES Act Emergency Aid Funding FAQS

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  • What is the CARES ACT Emergency Fund provided by the Federal Government?
  • When will CARES Act Funds be available?
  • Who is eligible for CARES Act Funds?
  • How much funding will I receive?
  • How will I receive funds?
  • Can I request additional funding?
  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
  • If I am not eligible for these funds, are there other funds I may apply for if I have an emergency related to COVID-19?