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Spelman College Commuter Students

Commuter Student Housing Opportunities

Temporary Stays on Campus
Commuter students can connect to campus life by spending time in the residence halls. With appropriate authorization and the consent of all room occupants, residential students may have an occasional overnight guest.

When spending the night, the commuter student must sign in and give the name and room number of the student whom she is visiting. She should also leave contact information in case of an emergency.

Overnight visits extending longer than three nights must be approved by the Director of Residential Life, and in unusual circumstances, by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Commuter students are subject to all of the regulations of the College and the residence halls during their visit.

Off Campus Roommate Information
Looking for a roommate? Take advantage of Spelman's roommate finder. View a list of available roommate postings by using your Spelman identification number to login.

Off Campus Housing List
The Office of International and Commuter Student Services is committed to providing students with services that have a positive impact on their off campus living experience. Searching for a place to live can be stressful. To assist you with your search, we offer a database of housing in the metro-Atlanta area. As a currently enrolled student, you can utilize the off-campus housing list by using your Spelman identification number to log in.

Housing Fairs
There are two fairs each academic year, in November and April. Watch your email if you are looking for a new apartment! 

Housing Fair Participants (PDF)

Property Owners
If you have a place to rent in metro-Atlanta, you can list your property with us. Providing your information will allow Spelman students to access your property information with ease. As a courtesy to our community, please call us immediately when the listings are no longer available. This courtesy is beneficial to both you and the student.

The Office of International and Commuter Student Services maintains this list of available rental properties as a convenience to both students and the property owners. Spelman College has not checked or approved these accommodations.

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Commuter Student Services

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Coordinator, Office of Student Life and Engagement
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