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Giving: Giving Opportunities

Spelman Students on Campus

Giving Opportunities at Spelman College

Spelman College Giving OpportunitiesFor more than 130 years, Spelman College has evolved from a one-room classroom in the basement of Friendship Baptist Church into an innovative liberal arts women’s college for women of African descent. Today, our graduates are doctors, scientists, performers, writers, diplomats, business executives, and community leaders.  To ensure Spelman women continue to change the world, we have identified four giving priorities that give donors the ability to make an impact at any level.

PLEASE NOTE: All gifts to Spelman, regardless of designation, count towards Every Woman...Every Year! efforts and towards your class/reunion giving efforts.

Spelman’s Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides an opportunity for donors to make contributions of any amount.  In previous years, the Annual Fund was used to support the areas of greatest need for the College. This year, scholarship support has been identified as our greatest need. The new focus on scholarships allows donors to support students in need or at risk of not completing their education due to unmet financial expenses.


Support for scholarships will enhance Spelman’s ability to offer competitive financial aid packages to attract the brightest and most talented young women, but more importantly, they will help us make certain that students fulfill their dreams of graduating as Spelman women. 

Endowed Scholarships 

Creating a named endowed scholarship will always provide Spelman students with financial support. These important scholarships both set an example for future Spelman women to follow and ensure that they appreciate the legacy that you will create. Named Annual Scholarships ($20,000) are also possible for $5,000 per year with a guaranteed four-year commitment.

Giving Initiatives

Special Giving Initiatives make a large and long-term impact. For those donors looking for an opportunity to make a transformational gift, we have highlighted several investment opportunities with contributions beginning at the $10,000 level:

Spelman’s Museum of Fine Art 

Our nationally recognized museum has a unique emphasis on artwork by and about women of the African Diaspora.  Donors who care deeply about the arts can have a significant impact on our students, the city, and the underserved communities that all benefit from this valuable asset.  A $10,000 gift will help the Museum purchase a new acquisition, support programming, or bring national and international artists to campus.

Women’s Research and Resource Center   

A pioneer in teaching, research, and advocacy, the center nurtures Spelman women’s critical thinking about issues including human rights, healthcare, and leadership development.  Currently the center is working to complete a $1 million challenge grant from The Ford Foundation to ensure and advance the center’s innovative work in teaching and research. A $10,000 gift will count toward the challenge grant and ensure that the center is able to continue its mission.

Student Global Experiences

We believe that every Spelman student should have a meaningful global travel experience connected to their field of study, leadership development, and/or service learning goals. Most of our students cannot afford this important opportunity. Your contribution could make it possible for them to go abroad for a week, a month, or even a semester. This life-changing experience will give them a new perspective that will help them to change the world.