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Student Philanthrophy

Spelman College Student Philanthropy Council (SPC)

The SPC Mission

Student Philanthropy Council SPC’s mission is to increase student donor participation through philanthropy education and philanthropic efforts. Spelman's tradition upholds GIVING as one of its strongest traits -- one that fosters and elevates the sisterhood in a powerful and tangible way.

SPC ignites GIVING throughout the four-year Spelman experience and beyond through student participation, engagement and donations. SPC allocates all student donations to support the Spelmanite cause. The cause is GIVING toward your sisters' graduation from Spelman College through the President’s Safety Net Fund, a student-funded scholarship that provides aid to your junior and senior Spelman sisters who are at risk of not graduating from the College due to financial difficulties.

Support The Spelman Sisterhood.

GIVE Today!

Contact Annual Giving to learn about the various ways you can support Spelman, SPC, and the spirit of sisterhood. It’s not merely WHAT you give, but WHY you give. This, in turn, impacts HOW you give.

Become an SPC Ambassador!

Spelman College aids in establishing, maintaining, and elevating noble, pivotal leaders. Spelmanites demonstrate strong, consistent, and exceptional leadership qualities such as, but not limited to, intellectual excellence, team collaboration, honesty and integrity, creativity and innovation, resilienceand a willingness to positively impact and empower others.

SPC embraces and partners with Spelmanites who empower, impact, and engage with (and on behalf of) the Spelman sisterhood throughout their academic journey and beyond.

Become an SPC Ambassador today and be a part of a highly influential, student-based and student-focused council. Contact Annual Giving at 404-270-6410.