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Spelman College Class of 2018

A Sneak Peek at the Class of 2018

We have so many stories about the great work members of the class of 2018 are doing, but here are just a few from the Our Stories area on

  • Kimya Loder Prepares to Pursue Ph.D. at Stanford University

    Spelman Alumna Kimya Loder
    Kimya Loder's academic experience has been enhanced by a commitment to social justice and civic engagement.
  • Ashanna Morris Makes Top 10 List of Graduates in the Spelman College Class of 2018

    Spelman's Top !0 Student Ashanna Morris
    Ashanna Morris, one of Spelman's class of 2018 top 10 graduates worked as a creative brand marketing intern for CNN and a 360 consumer marketing and brand strategist for BET Networks.
  • Karechia Wallace-Warthon Graduates Early at Top of the Class of 2018

    Spelman's Class of 2018 Top Ten Graduate Karechia Wallace-Warthon
    Karechia Wallace–Warthon completed her undergraduate studies at Spelman College in just three years with a 3.92 grade point average. The honor student has accepted a position as an elementary school teacher with Teach for America,
  • Brittany Butler Reflects on Her Journey as a First-Generation College Student

    Spelman Student Brittany Butler
    Throughout my first year at Spelman, I was consumed with doubtful thoughts that made me think I did not belong here. However, the supportive sisterhood and resources from the 1st Gen Scholar Program enabled me to overcome those negative feelings and develop a true sense of belonging here on campus.
  • Chloe Blackmon Will Combine Her Love for Yoga and Dentistry into a Promising Career

    2017 Chloe Headshot (1)
    Chloe Blackmon, C’2018, a biology major from Greensboro, North Carolina, discovered a home away from in the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art Yoga in the Museum program.
  • Dania Brewster, C’2018

    2018-WEL-Scholars_0044_Layer 8
    Dania Brewster, a biology major, will become an influential doctor. Through her work, she will combat diseases that plague the Black community.
  • Ca'Teama Sanders, C’2018

    2018-WEL-Scholars_0007_Layer 46
    Ca'Teama Sanders, a sociology and anthropology major, will become a life-changing doctor of education and social work for youth and women of underserved communities. She will use her platform to provide resources and access to better opportunities.
  • Danielle Robinson, C’2018

    2018-WEL-Scholars_0020_Layer 33
    Danielle Robinson, an economics and Spanish major, will use her expertise as a consultant to strengthen financial literacy in the African American community.
  • Amber Jones, C’2018

    Amber Jones, a political science and education major, will become an education attorney representing and advising low performing school districts on effective ways to eradicate racial disparities in education.
  • Jodian Grant, C’2018

    2018-WEL-Scholars_0030_Layer 23
    Jodian Grant, a biology major on a pre-medicine track, will become a medical doctor who specializes in preventative and holistic medicine. Through her work, she will help eradicate the prevalence of non-communicable diseases affecting underserved communities globally.

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