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Co-op Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Co-op Program?

Co-op is available to juniors and seniors in any major. For students seeking an opportunity to test their knowledge in a professional setting, Co-op is an ideal program.

What are the eligibility requirements?   

Students must:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Be full-time student and in good academic standing
  • Have completed 60 credit hours prior to applying for the program

What is the difference between a Co-op assignment and an internship?

Internships typically occur during the summer and can last up to 12 weeks. In the Spelman Co-op Program, students will take a semester off from classes and work full time with an approved Co-op employer.

If I participate in the program, will I need to make-up the semester?

It depends. Each student entering the program will bring different credentials. For instance, if you have exceeded the number of credit hours for your classification before entering the Co-op Program, you may be on track to graduate on time. If you have taken the minimum number of full-time credit hours, you will have to make-up the semester.  

How can I make-up the semester and graduate on time?

Before entering the Co-op Program, students are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser and/or a dean in the Office of  Undergraduate Studies to review their academic record and determine how many courses are needed to fulfill requirements for graduation. Options for making up time include:

  • Taking additional classes/credit hours during the remaining semesters
  • Consider summer classes

Can I receive credit for participating in the Co-op Program?

Students participating in the program will receive compensation from the employer that hires them, and potentially para-curricular credit (1-4 credit hours earned for experiences outside of the traditional classroom with approval from the departmental chair and faculty adviser). Earning credit requires the successful completion of specific learning objectives as determined by their adviser.

Are there other requirements for the Co-op Program?

Yes. All participating students must complete the required "Co-op 101" Seminar Series prior to receiving access to job postings and potential interviews. Please refer to the seminar series for more information.

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