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Cooperative Education at Spelman College

Cooperative Education at Spelman

“The educational process has no end beyond itself; it is its own end.”
-- John Dewey

How far are you willing to extend your education? Would you like to learn beyond the classroom and earn a salary? If you answered yes, the Spelman College Cooperative Education Program is for you!

What is Cooperative Education?
Cooperative Education, or Co-op, is an academic program, integrating classroom learning and work experiences in an environment related to your career goals.

Why Cooperative Education?
Cooperative Education utilizes the workplace as a learning environment in which students test previously learned facts and theories, revise assumptions, and derive new and firsthand knowledge.  Further, most Co-op programs provide a salary that may be used to support your paying college costs.

Benefits of Cooperative Education

  • Develop a professional network and an understanding of workplace culture.
  • Receive a salary to offset future academic costs.
  • Potential full-time hiring opportunities may arise.
  • Enhance critical thinking skills.
  • Ability to integrate classroom theory with workplace practice.
  • Experiencing the connection between academic and career goals.
  • Opportunity to develop and practice soft-skills such as accountability, responsibility, commitment, etc.
  • Improve technical knowledge through use of state of the art equipment.

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