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Focus on Career Assessment

When should you use FOCUS 2?
Use FOCUS 2 throughout your college years and as an alumna.  FOCUS 2 can be used in different ways throughout all stages of your education and career planning according to your personal needs.

First- or Second-Year Student:

  • Understand the Career Planning Process
  • Self awareness, learn about yourself through self assessments
  • Explore majors at your college that match your interests and support your career goals
  • Explore career fields and occupations that appeal to you
  • Make informed decisions about your major and career
  • Develop an Action Plan

Juniors, Seniors and Alumnae:

  • Ongoing career exploration and awareness
  • Gain experience
  • Make career plans
  • Plan for advanced education and training
  • Explore options for transitioning into new or specialized occupations  

How much time does it take to use FOCUS 2?
Typically the total time spent by students the first time they use FOCUS 2 ranges from one to two hours. Of course, you can spend as much time as you need.

The Career Readiness & Self Assessments modules of FOCUS 2 can usually be completed in approximately 45 minutes. You can log back in at any time to spend additional time researching more than 1,000 different occupational choices and viewing career videos.

A good strategy is to use FOCUS 2, then think about your results and discuss your ideas with your career counselor and academic adviser. Then continue to use FOCUS 2 as an ongoing resource. 

How to set up your account and log back into FOCUS 2
New Users:

You can create your FOCUS 2 account by scheduling an appointment with a career counselor in the Office of Career Planning and Development.  You may schedule your appointment by contacting us at 404-270-5273; or visiting us in our office located on the second floor of the Milligan Building in Room 2304.  We are open from 9 a.m. -- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Returning Users:

Log back into your account by entering your username and password on the login page for FOCUS 2: Proceed to Focus Assessment Login.

If you forget your user name and password, you can have it emailed to you from the login page.

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • Use FOCUS 2 online on any PC or MAC computer or IPAD anywhere, anytime.
  • FOCUS 2 always saves your results.
  • FOCUS 2 as often as you wish.
  • You can change your mind about earlier choices, repeat a section and explore new options.
  • Your results are stored online and are always available to you and your counselor/adviser.
  • Use the system features in any order.

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