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The Spelman College Class of 1970 Legacy Project

Dear Spelman Sisters,

Please take time to watch and enjoy the video tribute that Shaleisa Brewer (Class of 2012) and I (Jacqueline Jones Royster, D.A., Class of 1970) have prepared over the last two weeks as a tribute to the Class of 1970 (the Golden Girls) and the Class of 2020 (our newest graduates).

Spelman Women are Dedicated to Excellence

Even though the turnaround time to produce a worthy tribute was excruciatingly quick, we were determined to present a point of remembrance and reflection during the original time frame for graduation/reunion. Our desire was to share conversations between a few members of the two classes that would be affirming to all of us in the face of such unexpected challenge.

This project took advantage of volunteer spirit. We thank all of the alums who stepped up so quickly and gave so generously of their time to get the interviews done, and we certainly thank the leadership of the College, across a full range of administrative offices, who offered so quickly their encouragement for this idea. Our thanks go to each and every one. We could not have managed such an ambitious task without such wonderful collaboration and support.

Spelman Women are Resilient

We hope that you enjoy and appreciate the reflections that we have managed to gather for this tribute. We believe that these words and images resonate for many of us across the generations and suggest the depth and breadth of who we are as Spelman women.

The message that we seek to convey is that, regardless of the challenges that we face, Spelman women are strong, resilient, dedicated to excellence, and determined to carry our Spelman spirit forward. This video is testament to our history and a small taste of a living legacy.


Jacqueline Jones Royster, C'70