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VA Benefits FAQ's

  • What am I eligible for?Expand
  • How do I pick a major/program of study? Expand
  • How do I enroll in classes?Expand
  • Do I renew my benefits each semester?Expand
  • How much money will I receive from my VA education benefits?Expand
  • Do I have to be attending school full-time to get benefits?. Expand
  • What is the VA's turnaround time for payment? Expand
  • Can my VA education benefit payments be suspended for any reason? Expand
  • Do I have to pay back the VA if I fail a class?Expand
  • My payment is late; is my claim OK?Expand
  • What is the VA's phone number?Expand
  • I cannot get through to the VA; what should I do?Expand
  • What should I do if I change my address?Expand
  • When will my enrollment be certified?Expand
  • Am I responsible for paying the required deposit and balances shown on my account before VA funds are received?Expand
  • Are there scholarships available to veteran students?Expand
  • Do I have to submit my documents every semester?Expand
  • Does the VA pay for Summer and Wintermester courses?Expand