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Spelman College Graduates

Registration Procedures

The Registration process offers a structured opportunity for students to review progress toward completion of their degree plans.  There are resources, such as the DegreeWorks Degree Audit System, Banner Web, and the Course Sequence Handbook, available for monitoring progress and planning next steps.  Additionally, the Spelman College registration process requires a direct consultation with the student’s academic adviser to clarify matters of academic progress.

Students are assigned Time‐Tickets to allow registration for classes in an orderly fashion and help to ensure that students of different classifications (i.e. Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and First Year Students) get needed courses. With Time‐Ticketing, students are assigned a registration priority according to the number of hours they have earned prior to the start of the registration cycle.

This process is further facilitated by the use of Registration Keys (Alternate PINs).  The Registration Keys are issued by the academic advisor at the conclusion of the advisement session. “How To” documents are available on-line to guide students and faculty in the use of the electronic resources. The Office of the Registrar is available to respond to process concerns. Students who have lost their PINs and are unable to contact their advisors may contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies located in Rockefeller 103 or at 404-270-5701.

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