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Spelman College Commencement

Graduation/Senior Information

Congratulations! You have reached the final rung on the academic ladder of success. As you prepare for graduation, there are several items that you must address in order to ensure clearance for receiving your diploma.

Please note the following information, and check your academic record to ensure that it is accurate and complete. This is your responsibility; the Registrar’s Office will assist in identifying the source of resolution for any challenges you may have.

Requirements for Graduation

To be awarded a degree from Spelman College, a student must:

  • Be in good standing at the College
  • Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours
  • Complete the Core Curriculum, including the First-Year Orientation Program and Sophomore Assembly
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in each major and cognate course
  • Earn a grade of "C" or higher in English Composition
  • Fulfill all College and departmental assessment requirements
  • Complete a minimum of one year of residency
  • Earn a minimum of 60 credit hours at the College
  • Complete the senior year at the College (Courses may be taken within the Atlanta University Center and the ARCHE institutions and/or other programs and schools approved by the Office of Undergraduate Studies)
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the College

Important Dates

Dec. 1, 2018
Deadline for submission of Application for Graduation

Jan. 23, 2019
Deadline for receipt of CLEP Examination results. Results received after this date may affect your eligibility to participate in Commencement

March 29, 2019
Deadline for May Graduation Candidates to have incompletes and other deficiencies corrected

May 16, 2019
Mandatory Commencement rehearsal and Commencement ticket distribution

May 19, 2019
Commencement ceremony

Steps to Graduation

Step 1 - Apply for graduation
1) Log in to Banner
2) Click Student and Financial Aid
3) Click Student Records
4) Click Apply to Graduate

Step 2 - Watch your Spelman email for any communications from the Registrar's Office regarding your Degree Works audit.

Step 3 - Make and complete an appointment with the department chair for your major/minor department.

Step 4 - Complete Graduation Checklist items in Degree Works.

Step 5 - Verify name pronunciation and attend Commencement rehearsal to receive Commencement tickets (10 tickets per student).

Special Note for Dual-Degree Program Student

A student in the Dual Degree Engineering Program must fulfill both the requirements at Spelman, and the institution from which she is earning her engineering degree.

She may be eligible to participate in Spelman's commencement and baccalaureate service, provided that she has:

  • Met all Spelman's requirements for participation and has maintained good standing at both institutions (i.e. she has not violated the code of conduct expected of students at either institution)
  • Submitted a final official transcript from the institution of her additional major

Graduation Clearance Information

To participate in Commencement Ceremonies, you must clear all your financial obligations to Spelman College. All seniors must:

  • Obtain Financial Aid Clearance
  • Obtain Student Accounts Clearance
  • Obtain Library Clearance
  • Obtain Perkins Loan Office Clearance

Each clearance must be satisfied by the deadline. If this is not done, the Registrar’s Office will place a “HOLD” on diploma and transcript, and you will not be able to participate in Commencement.

Commencement Rehearsal

Your rehearsal for graduation will take place on the Thursday before graduation. Tickets for Commencement guests will be issued to “Cleared” students at the conclusion of rehearsal.

Please Note: To be a “Cleared” student, you must have settled all outstanding account balances and fulfilled all other obligation to the College.

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