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Scholarships for Future Students

Scholarship Opportunities for High School Seniors

How do scholarships work at Spelman and how do I apply?
Your application for admission to Spelman also serves as your application for merit-based scholarships.  There is not a separate application you need to complete in order to be considered for scholarships. 

Once you apply and are admitted to Spelman, you will be automatically considered for all merit-based scholarships available to first-year students. Scholarship decisions for incoming first-year students are made in the Office of Admissions, not the Office of Financial Aid. Thus, all questions concerning scholarship status and selection should be directed to admissions officials at 404-270-5193. If you are awarded a scholarship by Spelman, you will be notified at the time of admission.

What types of scholarships are available and what criteria do I need to have to receive a scholarship?
The following merit-based scholarships are available for incoming first-year students. The merit- based scholarship process is competitive, but all admitted students are considered based on a review of their application. Scholarships are typically awarded to approximately 10% of the incoming first-year student class. 

  • Presidential:  Covers full tuition, fees, room and board cost for four years
  • Dewitt Dean:  Covers full tuition costs for four years
  • Academic:  Covers half of tuition costs for four years
  • Student of Distinction:  Provides $5,000 per year for four years
  • Bonner Scholars:  Based on community service, this is a need-based scholarship and the award is calculated based on financial need.

I’m looking to transfer to Spelman are there scholarships available?
Unfortunately Spelman does not have scholarships established specifically for transfer students.  Once you have been at Spelman for two semesters there is the opportunity to apply for endowed and institutional scholarships.  We recommend that students planning to transfer to Spelman focus their efforts on locating and securing scholarships through outside organizations and corporations.  
What else should I know?
Be sure to apply for scholarships outside of Spelman.  Many organizations and corporations provide scholarships for high school seniors.  Please be aware that scholarships run in cycles; most scholarships open to applicants and have deadlines beginning in October through early May. 

There are very few scholarship opportunities to apply for during the summer months prior to school starting.  Don’t delay; start researching and applying for outside scholarships early and often (try to complete at least four to five scholarship applications each month).  Taking the time to research and complete scholarship applications will make a huge difference in how you finance your college education; you can never have too much scholarship money so be sure to apply for outside scholarships.

Scholarship Scams
Please remember that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  Scholarships NEVER have application fees.  Do not give out your social security number; instead, use other identifying information such as your birthday and middle initial.  When in doubt talk to your high school counselor or other school official or take time to research the organization or company offering the scholarship to make sure the opportunity is legitimate.

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