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Semester Payment Plan

Basic Fees/Tuition

The College has implemented a new a payment plan which allows you to pay your account balance in five installments per semester. All charges are due and payable in full at the beginning of each semester. If you are not paying your account balance in full, you must enroll in the semester payment plan. The plan is interest-free; however, there is an enrollment fee of $200 per semester, and it is necessary to re-enroll in the plan each semester. A Late Payment Fee of $10 is assessed for each installment not paid on or before the Plan's due date. 

You have two options for payment of your semester bill:
OPTION 1: Pay 100% of tuition, fees and room and board (if applicable).
OPTION 2: Enroll in the Semester Payment Plan:

  • Pay 50% of tuition, fees and room and board
  • Pay the remaining balance in four monthly installment payments

Upon enrolling in the Plan, you must meet the ***50% required down payment. Your accepted financial aid for the semester may be subtracted from this amount, and the remaining balance is the amount you will need to pay in four installments. The first payment is the required 50% down payment. See our example for calculating payment plan installments for further clarification.

How to Enroll   Make a Payment

2021-22 Payment Plan Due Dates and Amounts

Fall 2021 Due Dates/Payments

50% Payment 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th Installment
DUE DATE July 30, 2021 Aug. 30, 2021 Sept. 30, 2021 Oct. 30, 2021 Nov. 30, 2021
First Time Students
(On campus Shared Room)
$10,936 $2,784 $2,784 $2,784 $2,784
First Time Students
(Off campus)
$7,170.25 $1,842.56 $1,842.56 $1,842.56 $1,842.56
Returning Students
(On campus Shared Room)
$10,811 $2,752.75 $2,752.75 $2,752.75 $2,752.75
Returning Students
(Off campus)
$7,045.25 $1,811.31 $1,811.31 $1,811.31 $1,811.31

Spring 2022 Due Dates/Payments

50% Payment 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th Installment
DUE DATES Dec. 30, 2021 Jan. 30, 2022 Feb. 28, 2022 March 30, 2022 April 30, 2022
First Time Student
(On campus Shared Room)
$10,936 $2,784 $2,784 $2,784 $2,784
First Time Students
(Off campus)
$7,170.25 $1,842.56 $1,842.56 $1,842.56 $1,842.56
Returning Students
(On campus Shared Room)
$10,811 $2,752.75 $2,752.75 $2,752.75 $2,752.75
Returning Students
(Off campus)
$7,045.25 $1,811.31 $1,811.31 $1,811.31 $1,811.31

*** The First Time Student calculations for the Spring Semester are for students who did not register in the Fall Semester.

Special Notes

  • The above Semester Payment Plan calculations include the $200 payment fee. 
  • The senior graduation fee of $550 is not included in the above calculations.
  • The Student Medical Insurance program fee is not included in the calculations above. If you are not waived from the program, the cost is $626 for Fall Coverage; $831 for Spring Coverage.
  • Students occupying single rooms will be charged an additional amount of $425.00 per semester. If you are a resident of The Beverly Daniel Tatum Suites, please add $1,090.00 per semester for a 2-BR Suite, $779.50 per semester for a 3-BR Suite, or $290.50 per semester for a 4-BR Suite.
  • All prior balances due the College must be paid in full to be eligible to register. (PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR PRIOR BALANCES)

How to Enroll

Visit Spelman College Student Account Suite, and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Spelman College ID number
  2. Enter your 6-digit PIN (six-digit D.O.B)
  3. Click on Payment Plans
  4. Click "Enroll Now"
  5. Select the Fall 2021 term click "Select"
  6. Enter the required 50% amount in the “Optional down payment” field
  7. Press the enter key on your keyboard
  8. Click Update Schedule to review payment plan enrollment information
  9. Choose whether you would like to set up automatic payments and click "Continue"
    (*** If you have met the 50% requirement and no down payment is required, accept the terms and condition and your plan will be established. You can review your plan or logout).
  10. If you are making a down payment, continue
  11. Choose a payment method and click "Select"
  12. Review the Terms and Conditions of the Payment and if you agree, click "I agree to the above terms and conditions" and then click "Continue"
  13. A payment receipt will be displayed for you

Payment Plan Calculations Example

Example Charges

Tuition & Fees: $14,090.50
New Student Fee: $250
Room & Board: $7,531.50
Total Charges: $21,872

Example Financial Aid Received

Federal Pell Grant: $3,248
Federal Unsubsidized Loan: $990
Federal Direct Stafford Loan: $1,732
Total Financial Aid: $5,970

Example Calculated Payments

50% of the Total Charges ($21,872 / 2): $10,936
Deduct Your Financial Aid: -$5,970
Amount Needed for 50% Payment: $4,966

The remaining balance, including the $200 Enrollment Fee, is then paid over four payments:
  • 1st Installment: $2,784
  • 2nd Installment: $2,784
  • 3rd Installment: $2,784
  • 4th Installment: $2,784

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