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Chemistry Student


Promoted Faculty: Dr. Leyte Winfield

October 2021

Spelman Division Chair Leyte WinfieldLeyte Winfield, Ph.D., chair, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is a synthetic organic chemist with experience in academic, industrial and military laboratories. From the combined experiences she has gained expertise in the various aspects of medicinal drug design, instrumental methods and synthetic techniques. Her efforts have been recognized by the American Association of Cancer Research and the Council for Undergraduate Research and have been funded in part by the National Institutes of Health. 

Her scholarly activity covers three major areas: 1.drug design and organic synthesis; 2. chemistry education research and practice; and 3. broadening participation in STEM.

Dr. Winfield has also published a book chapter, three peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as seven published proceedings. Additionally, her research expertise and knowledge of laboratory protocol and procedures is embodied in her joint authorship of “Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: An Update” published by the National Academy Press in 2011.

“Growing Diverse STEM Communities: Methodology, Impact, and Evidence” is an influential book edited by Dr. Winfield and her co-editors Drs. Wilson-Kennedy, Thomas and Watkins.

With support from the College, Dr. Winfield secured an initial patent for the discovery molecule LLW 3-6 (filed in February 2009 and issued in May 2011) and five subsequent patents associate with application of the discovery molecule. The additional five patents were filed between December 2011 and March 2012 and issued in 2012 and 2013. The patented molecular library covers eleven  unique tricyclic structural frameworks that have been modified to form 800 compounds.


Dr. Winfield’s success in writing grant proposals have secured $3.28 million in funding since her tenure and promotion in 2010.

What Others Have to Say About the Impact of Dr. Winfield's Work

Start of QuoteDr. Winfield’s research in drug design brings great value to the field and to society.”

“The LLW-36 developed by Dr. Winfield is a powerful prodrug addressing both metastasis and cancer cells resistance to drug therapy.”

“Dr. Winfield has accumulated a significant amount of intellectual property as evidenced by number of patents issued to her.End of Quote