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Directed Supplemental Instruction Program

Directed Supplemental Instruction (DSI) supports students in biology, mathematics and physics courses. Directed Supplemental Instruction sessions are scheduled in coordination with the DSI leader and room availability. Please see your biology, mathematics or physics instructor for the DSI schedule each semester. The term “Directed” is used to differentiate our approach from the common “tutor” model. In our model, the learning goals for each session are predetermined and the learning activity is directed towards the desired learning objective.

Each activity roughly uses the following components:

Pre-determining the ideal method of instruction for the learning objective;

Conducting the 60 minute session with student tasks designed to model the cognitive movement from “not knowing” to “knowing”; and

Providing formative feedback regarding successful demonstration of learning outcomes and identifying areas requiring additional work.

This learning cycle will be repeated in successive sessions even if the Approach, Activity, or Assessment is optimized to fit the current topic.

Program Directors

Dr. Mark Lee,
Dr. Monica Stephens Cooley,

Program Coordinator

Anitra Hill, Anitra

Location and Hours

Science Center, Room 281

Mon. - Fri.: 11 - 9 p.m. 
Sat. & Sun.: N/A