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QEP Spelman Pathways Creating your path to life and career excellence

Career Pathway in Portfolium

An essential part of the Spelman Pathways initiative involves taking the opportunity to reflect on and document your career journey along the way. This portfolio has milestones identified for each academic year to help guide your journey and provides a platform for you to collect your reflections and achievements over the years of your Spelman experience.

It's up to you to use this space to represent yourself. You can add a link to your portfolio can be added to any professional profile (e.g., LinkedIn, Handshake, etc.)

Career Pathway map

First Year

Career Exploration

  • Resume (CV) / cover letter
  • Career conversations
  • Career-accelerating experience

Second Year

Hone Your Path

  • Spelman-Braven Leadership Accelerator (SDLR 275)
  • Career engagement
  • Career-accelerating experience

Third Year

Sharpen Skills & Expand Network

  • Update resume (CV) / cover letter
  • Career mentoring
  • Career-accelerating experience

Fourth Year

Finalize post-grad placement

  • Update resume (CV) / cover letter
  • Letters of recommendations / referrals
  • Apply for post-graduate placements