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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Social Justice Fellows

Social Justice Scholar: Aiyana C. Edwards, C'2023

Aiyana C. EdwardsAiyana C. Edwards is a graduating Senior studying Political Science and African Diaspora Studies on a Pre-Law track from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Aiyana's career aspirations are to become a Civil Rights Attorney and subsequently, a U.S. Senator in Congress. Aiyana aspires to be a civic and social change agent in the social sciences, legal field, and the arena of politics, whose practice and tactics will assist with eliminating and destroying racial and discriminatory institutions that oppress African Americans. Additionally, Aiyana is devoted to serving as a Social Justice changemaker that contributes to the reformation of the American Criminal Justice System, which has disproportionately obtained and retained the lives of African Americans, their families, and their communities. Aiyana is committed to being a progressive-minded political servant that advocates for the betterment and progression of underserved, urban, and low-income communities throughout the U.S.

I am social justice…

blue-quote-left....because I am determined to fulfill the goal of advancing the Black community through legal and governmental work that will contribute to the overall socioeconomic, educational, and political growth and status of my community.