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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Social Justice Fellows

Social Justice Scholar: Caylah Spearman, C'2023

Caylah SpearmanCaylah Spearman, C'2023, is a senior political science major from Dallas, Texas. Over the summer, she had a virtual internship with the company As You Sow, which harnesses shareholder power to create lasting change by protecting human rights, reducing toxic waste, and aligning investments with values.

At As You Sow, Spearman researched different companies policies, statements, and actions to make sure everything was in compliance with As You Sow’s key performance indicators. Her internship was rooted in racial justice research and on ranking companies based on each indicator.

I am social justice…

blue-quote-left...because I am fighting to combat racial and social injustices and inequalities that African Americans and people of color face.