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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Social Justice Fellows

Social Justice Scholar: Ananda Griffin

Ananda Griffin and Spelman College's Blue Record PodcastAnanda Griffin, C'2022, a senior philosophy major from Atlanta, Georgia, researches Black feminist philosophy and has a variety of interests within the field, such as epistemology, moral psychology and Black feminism. She is currently working on a project about the epistemic nature of Black women's anger.

The Spelman College Social Justice Program provides Griffin with an opportunity to turn her academic interests into social justice-based action. As someone interested in how knowledge functions in philosophy, Griffin is involved in many discussion and education-based efforts within the Social Justice Program.

Griffin, who is co-president of Spelman's chapter of Difficult Dialogues and serves as a co-host on the Blue Record Podcast. has also worked with student-led efforts to improve the conditions of commuter students on campus. With the Social Justice Fellowship, Griffin works to blend both her academic and activist interests in a way that benefits others.

I am social justice … because I believe that knowledge is power!