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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Social Justice Fellows

Antonia Izuogu, C'2021

Antonia Izuogu Antonia Izuogu is a senior from Raleigh, North Carolina, studying health sciences. She is interested in the theory of intersectionality and policies that heighten disparities among groups of people. As a Bonner Scholar, Antonia has immersed herself in the West End as a community servant through her vast community service. Her experience has confirmed her goal to serve as a voice for the disadvantaged, particularly the African American community.

In October of 2020, Antonia will virtually host the "Third Annual Summit on Homelessness and Poverty: Disruption" with the support of her team of AUC students. The Summit will support a virtual venue of collaboration, discussion and community-building among scholars, residents, students, community activists and existing community organizations doing innovative anti-poverty work within their communities and on a national level. Those who will speak and attend the event are “disruptors,” disrupting the barriers and systems that support homelessness and poverty through their work and advocacy. Additionally, the summit will engage an intersectional lens while highlighting the myriad impacts of homelessness and poverty upon people of color.

I am social justice...

"because I analyze disparities from an intersectional ity perspective to thoroughly work towards equity in spaces of inequality in health, wealth, resources, etc."