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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Social Justice Fellows

Serena Hughley, C'2020

Serena Hughley Serena Hughley is a senior from Georgia studying international studies, Spanish and creative writing. She is interested in the ways in which laws interact with social systems and ideology, particularly in the War on Drugs. Through her program, "Beyond the War,"  Hughley works with students in Fulton County’s Juvenile Justice Court to deconstruct the War on Drugs, locate themselves politically, and explore new ways of being civically engaged.

During the summer, Hughley served as a Yale Arthur Liman Fellow in Fulton County public services and traveled to Sweden to study the Swedish political system. She is currently conducting sociological research in the field of sociology. Her research, titled "Prohibiting Blackness: Temperance Legislation and Violence in Chicago’s Black Communities,” explores the ways in which the seemingly innocuous National Prohibition Act contributed to a surge in Black homicide rates from 1875-1930. The research exemplifies how facially neutral laws collaborate with racist structures and produce lethal outcomes in Black communities.

I am social justice...

"...because I recognize the value of life beyond the dichotomies of criminal/noncriminal, legal/illegal, and citizen/noncitizen."