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Social Justice Fellows

Meet Our Social Justice Fellows

Hollis Baker, C'2021

Hollis BakerHollis Baker is a junior sociology and anthropology major from Chicago, Illinois.

During the summer, Baker was a Summer Fellow working under the Take Creative Control project at the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice in Washington, D.C.

TCC connects artists and entrepreneurs to resources and intellectual property lawyers who can help them exercise their creative rights and monetize their work. There, Baker worked on various social media and outreach projects, including assisting in the management and execution of their New York City Creative Clinic honoring various activists, members of Congress and artists. In addition to this internship, Baker worked on a project she co-founded called, "Between Girls," a profile series exploring the experiences and identities of women and femmes.

I am social justice...

"...because I believe we can all thrive by harboring our collective expertise!"