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Spring 2021 Path Forward

Spring 2021 FAQ

To maintain Spelman’s academic excellence and mitigate against the spread of COVID-19, in spring 2021, the College plans to implement a low density, hybrid model with significant proactive health and safety protocols, including required COVID-19 testing, symptom tracking and monitoring, and contact tracing. These protocols will be added to those already in place: mandatory mask wearing and frequent handwashing and disinfecting. The frequently asked questions below contain more details about the academic and safety plans for the upcoming semester.

To assist you in keeping up-to-date with the latest information, the date at the beginning of the question indicates when that answer was last updated.


Move In / Residence Halls

  • [01-08-2021] How will on-campus living arrangements be affected?
  • [01-08-2021] Is there an impact to residence hall move-in plans?
  • [01-13-2021] How many people will be allowed to help me move-in and what are the COVID-19 protocols for them?
  • [01-13-2021] What are the requirements of the five-day Pause & Prepare period after students’ arrival on campus?
  • [01-08-2021] Will students in residential halls be allowed any visitors throughout the semester?
  • [01-08-2021] Will honor students all live in the same residence hall?
  • [01-08-2021] Is Spelman partnering with local apartment communities for student housing?
  • [01-08-2021] Are there limits on the number of students that use a bathroom?
  • [01-08-2021] If a student is in a residence hall that uses community refrigerators and communal bathrooms, will they be permitted to bring fridges to lower contact with other individuals?
  • [01-08-2021] What measures have been taken for building ventilation?
  • [01-22-2021] Will there be access to carts to help with moving in?
  • [01-22-2021] Are parents allowed to visit students after move in?
  • [01-22-2021] What is the time allotted for those visitors who will help students with moving in?
  • [01-22-2021] If someone other than the parent is dropping off a student, do their names need to be provided?
  • [01-22-2021] Will delivery trucks be allowed on campus for move in day and can the trucks get close to campus?
  • [01-22-2021] What is is considered personal furniture?
  • [01-22-2021] What are the instructions for sending items directly to residence halls?
  • [01-22-2021] What are the protocols for community restrooms in the residence halls?

Health Protocols


  • [01-19-2021] What are the COVID-19 testing procedures?
  • [01-13-2021] What happens if a student tests positive at arrival? What happens if a guest helping with move-in tests positive at arrival?
  • [01-13-2021] How often will the additional testing throughout the semester be, and will it be random, scheduled or required?
  • [01-13-2021] To whom should students send their pre-arrival COVID-19 tests?
  • [01-22-2021] Where are students being instructed to go in order to be tested twice a week?
  • [01-22-2021] What happens if a student has a negative test before departing from home, but gets COVID-19 while traveling?
  • [01-22-2021] How will Spelman handle students that test positive and cannot travel home?
  • [01-22-2021] When should test results be submitted?
  • [01-22-2021] Can students living off campus come to campus to get tested?
  • [01-22-2021] Will the testing for students on campus be paid for by Spelman?
  • [01-22-2021] If a student tests positive for COVID-19 before arriving on campus, will they be able to come on campus when their test result comes back negative?
  • [01-22-2021] How often would a commuter student need to take a COVID-19 test if they have class on campus?


  • [01-08-2021] How are students and faculty and staff members going to be kept safe?
  • [01-08-2021] Are there proactive health precautions student, faculty and staff members should take before returning?
  • [01-08-2021] How often are the symptom checks?
  • [01-13-2021] What are the masking rules?
  • [01-13-2021] What are the handwashing and hygiene protocols?
  • [01-13-2021] If there is a COVID-19 case in a residence hall, how will cleaning of the hall be handled?


  • [01-08-2021] What is the College’s isolation and quarantine capacity?
  • [01-13-2021] What will happen if there is a spike in COVID-19 cases on one of the campuses?
  • [01-13-2021] What if a student simply feels uncomfortable attending class?
  • [01-13-2021] What if a faculty or staff member feels uncomfortable coming to work due to personal health risks or risks to persons living with them?
  • [01-08-2021] What should a student do who is experiencing symptoms? Faculty and staff members?
  • [01-13-2021] What are the protocols for caring for students who test positive for COVID-19?
  • [01-22-2021] How will Spelman handle possible hospitalization from virus? / What will happened if a student needs to be hospitalized?
  • [01-22-2021] Are visitors allowed after the five-day quarantine?
  • [01-22-2021] How will students in isolation and quarantine receive care?
  • [01-22-2021] If a student is infected or exposed, is a parent allowed to pick up or visit their student?

Campus & Dining





  • [01-22-2021] Can packages be mailed in advance?



  • [01-08-2021] Is the room and board cost the same given the adjusted academic calendar?
  • [01-08-2021] Will room and board be refunded pro rata if students are required to vacate the campus due to a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases on campus?
  • [01-08-2021] Would we be required to pay the $500 deposit before we move-in?
  • [01-22-2021] Is the spring semester bill due 1/29 or before move-in?


  • [01-08-2021] Is there a COVID-19 hotline or website available to the parents?