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Faculty Highlights

  • Dr. Alexandria Lockett English Professor
    Alexandria Lockett, Ph.D. assistant professor of English at Spelman College, has been awarded the Outstanding Book Award for 2021 by the International Writing Centers Association for the book, "Learning from the Lived experiences of Graduate Student Writers" written with Shannon Madden, Michele Eodice and Kirsten Edwards.
  • Spelman Environmental Science Professor Guanyu Huang
    For the project, "HBCU-Excellence in Research: Estimate of Ground Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Ozone Concentrations by Using Multiple Satellite Data and Machine Learning Techniques," Dr. Huang will serve as the principal investigator and work with students and a NASA scientist to improve satellites’ observations on NO2 and ozone at ground level using machine learning techniques.
  • Michelle Gaines
    Michelle Gaines, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry & biochemistry, received a two-year NSF HBCU-UP-LEAPS-MPS grant entitled “Surface Morphological Effect on Biomolecular Attachment to Responsive Microgels for Tunable Biomimetic 3D-Cell Culture Scaffolds.”

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