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Chemistry Faculty

Safety and Compliance

Environmental Health and Safety Compliance is responsible for maintaining compliance with any health and safety regulations.

Functions of the Health and Safety Compliance Officer

  • Development of the Environmental Health and Safety Program for the entire campus
  • Design, develop, and deploy both general and specialized safety, chemical and environmental health related training courses in formats, which include, but are not limited to, classroom, online, and self-study modules
  • Maintain appropriate health, safety, and environmental records and documentation in compliance with the requirements of Federal, State, and local regulations
  • Attend construction meetings and provide input on environmental compliance, health and safety issues
  • Assist personnel in procuring, safely storing and disposing of all chemicals used by Spelman College
  • Develop and coordinate inventories and MSDS’s of all chemicals throughout campus
  • Develop standardized operating procedures for all regulated chemical and procedures as stipulated by the EPA
  • Provide general technical information regarding purchase of new chemical
  • Coordinate all waste disposal with outside contractors and maintain all disposal manifests
  • Conduct annual inspections on all campus buildings
  • Maintain campus SPCC Plan (Spill prevention, control and countermeasure
  • Provide technical assistance in the event of a hazardous chemical spill by identifying the pollutant, determining the environmental impact and recommending corrective action; coordinates interaction with external HAZMAT vendor
  • Maintain up-to-date safety training materials and records on student
  • Prepare reports concerning spills for submittal to the College Safety Committee
  • Investigate chemical accidents and prepare incident reports in conjunction with the College Public Safety Department
  • Act as a liaison to the Center for Laboratory Animal Research at Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Act as the liaison  to the Radiation Safety Office at Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Provide overall management of building concerns in the Science Center, in consultation with the Associate Provost of Research and FMS
  • Provide on call support to the College for emergency environmental incidents
  • Provide logistic support for events in Science Center