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Domestic Exchange 1

Domestic Exchange Student Reflections

Dominique Guilford - Loyola Marymount University

Dominique-Guilford-2It is hard to believe that I have been at LMU for almost an entire school year now. The time has gone by way too fast, and I am honestly not ready to go. I have grown in so many ways being at a University that is very diverse and mission-focused towards the cultivation of the whole person.

I will miss the inclusive campus events that push students to think about possible careers after graduation (ex: Hollywood Master Talks,Professional Network Events, and Service Organization Days that cause larger conversations to arise with the addition of food trucks). I have really enjoyed my time here, and have been exposed to so many perspectives on life and culture that I’ve never put thought around before coming to LMU. Additionally, staff and faculty are always friendly and ready to help with any of your needs, which makes the experience here very welcoming.

The classes I have taken (Theatre History, Choreography, African American Literature, just to name a few) are definitely challenging, but cause you to think about subject matter through a wider lens. In saying this, I mean that the courses are not necessarily challenging to the point that they are overwhelming, but more so that they provoke you to think about each concept with the consideration of its connection to the world.

I believe this has helped me evolve as a young Black woman, and to really start thinking about how I can contribute to humanity on a global scale.

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