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Domestic Exchange Student Reflections

Kadijah Ndoye - Barnard College

Kadijah_NdoyeThis Domestic Exchange at Barnard College has definitely been an experience. I have gotten lost on the subway on several occasions as well as on Columbia University’s campus. Let’s just say, my Google Maps app has been my best friend in the city.

When I first arrived, I felt thrown into the city. From the moment I got off the bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I was apparently walking too slow for New Yorkers. Next, I managed to get to my dorm, the lovely Plimpton Hall, inconspicuously located between a hair salon and a food market.

The things that have kept me centered during my exchange have been The Carol’s Daughter, located in Harlem, Out of the Closet, a thrift store in Brooklyn, and bubble tea (lots of bubble tea). One of my favorite things to do is going to see Broadway plays. Last night, I saw Cinderella on Broadway featuring Keke Palmer. It was absolutely fantastic. I would not be opposed to seeing it again. The costumes were stunning and the cast was absolutely energetic. When I am feeling homesick, I take trips to Harlem and Brooklyn. I feel at peace in Harlem and Brooklyn. These two places make me remember why I wanted to do a domestic exchange in New York. When I need to let go of some steam, I head to the gym on Columbia’s campus. I blast my tunes and climb on the stepper.

One memorable experience was attending a talk on reproductive justice in prisons at the Brooklyn Museum. I am currently taking 20th Century African American Political Thought, Human Rights in Sub Saharan Africa, Sexuality, Gender, Health, and Human Rights, and the English Conference focused on the city in literature. I feel comfortable in my classes. Through the registration process, I was able to select topics that peaked my interest. One of my goals during the domestic exchange was to take classes focused on human rights. I have been fortunate enough to have this opportunity available to me. My professors have been helpful, insightful, and intriguing through the connections they make between laws, grassroots work, and government involvement.

I look forward to seeing what else New York has to offer.

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