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Summer Research

Research Operations and Building Services

The Research Operations and Inventory Manager will serve as a point of contact for all material delivered to the Science Center Building and other research spaces. This position will be responsible for receiving, storing and issuing of scientific supplies and equipment. The position will manage, distribute and maintain the inventory of surplus laboratory supplies also assist with building safety procedures.

Essential Services

  • Point of Use Inventory Management
  • Stock Room inventory
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Package delivery and pick up
  • Safety equipment checks
  • Dry Ice Management
  • Management and Tracking of chemical inventory.
  • Broken Glass waste
  • Maintain up-to-date inventories of all on-site chemicals
  • Minimize the types and amounts of chemicals in storage.
  • Minimize waste generation and disposal costs.
  • Tracking of building damages, water leaks, and repairs
  • Building and safety orientations

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