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Become a Spanish Minor

Spanish Minor

A Spanish minor at Spelman requires five courses above the 202 level for 20 credits.


Core Required Courses (ALL REQUIRED)
SPA 303 Conversation
SPA 306 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPA 308 Intro to Literary and Cultural Studies

Minor Required Classes (CHOOSE TWO)
SPA 351 Intellectual Traditions of Women
SPA 352 National and Traditional Identities
SPA 353 Linguistics, Professional, Cultural, and Artistic Expressions
SPA 354 Dynamic Relations of Political Power

Thematic Areas

351/451 | Intellectual Traditions of Women: Representation, Voices, Silence, Collective Memory, Oral Traditions, Femininities and Queer Identities

352/452 | National and Transnational Identities: Migration; Negrismo, Indigenismo, Indianismo; Negritude, Créolité, Négritude, Antillanité; (Neo) Colonialism; Diasporas and Latinx

353/453 | Linguistics, Professional, Cultural, and Artistic Expressions: Visual Arts, Film, Music, Museum, Cartography, News, Mass Media and Social Media

354/454 | Dynamic Relations of Political Power: Imperialism, Dictatorships, (Neo)Colonialism, Democracies and Civic Society (Social Movements, NGOs)