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Spelman Spanish Students in Ecuador

Spanish Major Requirements

A Spelman Spelman Major requires:

  • 9 courses above the 200 level = 36 credits
  • Service Learning/Thesis research abroad = 2 credits
  • Capstone Project/Thesis Portfolio = 2 credits

The major requires nine courses above the 202 level plus the completion of the Capstone Project, and two summers (or one semester) of study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Fifty percent of major courses must be taken at Spelman.

Major Core Courses (ALL REQUIRED)
SPA 303 Conversation
SPA 306 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPA 308 Introduction to Literary and Cultural

Studies Required Classes (ALL REQUIRED)
SPA 351 Intellectual Traditions of Women
SPA 352 National and Transnational Identities
SPA 353 Linguistics, Professional, Cultural, and Artistic Expressions
SPA 354 Dynamic Relations of Political Power

Focus Area Courses (CHOOSE 2)
SPA 451, 452, 453, 454
* SPA 319: The focus of this profession-oriented class might change year-to-year (Spanish for Health, for Law, for Business, Journalism, etc.). This course replaces 353 if students are in the areas of specialization mentioned above.

Study Abroad

The department of world languages & culture requires Spanish majors to participate in a Spelman-approved study abroad program in a Spanish country for at least one semester.

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