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Spelman Spanish Students in Ecuador

Spanish Major Requirements

Download Requirements (PDF)

A major in Spanish consists of 12 classes and 45 hours, with no grade below “C.” Spanish majors must also spend a minimum of one semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country with a Spelman-approved program. Spanish majors must take the one-credit-hour SPA 485 class in the fall of the their senior year to prepare them for the Senior Comprehensive Exam.

Required Courses
• SPA 303
• SPA 306
• SPA 307 or SPA 308
• SPA 309-310
• SPA 311-312
• SPA 321 or SPA 331
• SPA 425
• SPA 485

Spanish majors must take two electives from the following:
• SPA 427
• SPA 430
• SPA 433
• SPA 434
• SPA 443
• SPA 478

Study Abroad

The department of world languages and literature requires Spanish majors to participate in a Spelman-approved study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country for at least one semester, and strongly encourages all major and minor students to have a study abroad experience.