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Spelman College Music Technology Concentration

Music Technology Concentration

The Spelman College Department of Music is thrilled to announce the launch of its new music technology concentration for music majors! Students who pursue the music technology concentration will receive hands-on studio experience working with industry-standard recording and production technology. Students will also take specialized courses that train them for professional careers in fields such as music production and audio engineering.
Enroll in this exciting program beginning in fall 2022!

Unique Course Offerings

Throughout the music technology concentration, students will learn how to create, record, and produce music using industry-standard audio production software and hardware. The course sequence provides students hands-on experience with tools such as MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, microphones, and computers.

Spelman College Music Technology Concentration for Music Majors

How Will Spelman Students Benefit?

Students will develop a critical ear to the world of sound and explore how technology can create expressive opportunities in music performance, composition and production. Throughout each music technology course, students will create professional-quality audio-based projects for a variety of media, including original computer-based compositions, demo recordings, EPs, radio/podcast dramas, and audio for film.

The music technology concentration culminates with a senior capstone in which each student will craft a project specific to their career interests and artistic passions.

Select Student Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this concentration, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and discuss sound design and computer music composition techniques.

  • Use a variety of synthesis, processing, and editing techniques to customize and craft original sounds.

  • Customize and craft specific audio effects for creative purposes and commercial production (using filters, EQ, delay, reverb, etc.).

  • Understand and use sampling software.

  • Discuss the hardware necessary for studio audio recording, including various microphone types.

  • Track and mix recordings using digital audio workstations (DAWs).

  • Understand the roles of all personnel involved in recording and production.

  • Produce recordings of various mixed ensembles and mix them into a finished demo.

  • Creatively consider ways of executing their artistic intent using industry-standard music software and hardware tools.

  • Produce professional-quality audio-based projects for a variety of media.

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