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Spelman College Music Department

Music Minor

Students wishing to pursue a music minor must audition for the Music Department faculty and begin a course of study no later than fall semester of the sophomore year. For minors, MUS 113A and 113B are prerequisites for all other core courses in the department. After acceptance into the minor, the following courses are required (26 hours with no grade below “C”).

• MUS 113A Music Theory I (4)
• MUS 113B Music Theory II (4)
• MUS 121 Introduction to World Musics (4)
• MUS 240 Survey of African American Music (4)
• MUS 350 or 351 History of Western Music I or II (4)

Music minors must be enrolled in Applied Music, Ensemble, and Music Seminar for six successive semesters.

Music Seminar 

Music Seminar is a zero-credit, pass/fail, weekly meeting of all music majors and minors for the purpose of student recitals (matinées), seminars, workshops, special lectures, guest recitals, and listening labs. Music majors must be enrolled in Music Seminar each semester for a total of eight (8) semesters. Music minors must be enrolled in Music Seminar for six (6) successive semesters. Music Seminar meets every Wednesday at 3:00 pm in the Fine Arts Building Room 107.

Applied Music (Private Lessons) 

The study of voice or an instrument is an integral part of the musical education of every music student. Therefore, she must complete a minimum of six (6) semesters of private lessons on a single instrument. All Applied Music students will attend group performance classes as scheduled by the instructor in addition to the private lesson. Private lessons require a minimum of six (6) hours of practice and offer one (1) credit per semester. Two Applied Music courses may not be taken concurrently for credit nor may they be taken concurrently without permission of the Department Chair.

Private lessons are offered in the following instruments:
• MUS 011-018 Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp) 
• MUS 021-028 Voice • MUS 031-038 Piano 
• MUS 041-048 Organ 
• MUS 051-058 Wind and Brass Instruments 
• MUS 061-068 Percussion


Ensemble participation is open by audition to all students of the College, with or without credit. A full year commitment is expected. 

Music majors and minors are required to register each semester for an ensemble that serves as a laboratory supporting the primary Applied Music study. Upper-level music students may elect an additional ensemble (for 1 credit or zero credit) only with the approval of the primary applied music teacher and the department chair. A maximum of eight (8) semester hours of ensemble credit may be used in meeting departmental graduation requirements for both the music major and the music minor. 

The following performance ensembles are offered: 
• MUS 060 String Ensemble 
• MUS 070 Glee Club 
• MUS 080 Woodwind Ensemble 
• MUS 392 AUC Orchestra

* Vocal majors and minors are required to participate in Glee Club for a maximum of eight (8) semesters hours. This participation does not preclude concurrent participation in the other Music Department Ensembles.

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