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Human Services Major

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Open to Pauline E. Drake Students (PEDS) Only

The Human Services Program consists of major core requirements and specialty areas from which students must select one course. The major core requirements provide a  common body of knowledge relevant to the human services field. Cognate courses provide background knowledge in the social science areas, including a basic understanding of human behavior and some of the problems with which humans must cope. Courses in the specialty areas help students develop skills and knowledge pertinent to specific human services areas. The field experience may give the student an advantage in securing a position or promotion after graduation.

Cognate Courses
• ECO 141 Introduction to Economics (4)
• PSC 201 National Government (4)
• PSY 200 General Psychology (4)
• SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology or ANTH 203 Introduction to Anthropology (4)

Any cognate course may be used to fulfill the Social Science divisional requirement. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all cognate courses.

Required Courses for All Human Services Majors
• HUSV 201 Introduction to Human Services (4)
• MGT 300 Principles of Management (4)
• SOC 335 Methods of Research (4)
• HUSV 400 Field Work in Human Services (4)

Major Electives
Students must choose one from each of the following specialty areas.

Community Studies
• PSY 325 Community Psychology
• SOC 321 Community Organizing
• SOC 352 Urban Sociology
• ECO 369 Urban Economics

• PSC 484 Racism and the Law**
• SOC 275 Introduction to Criminology
• SOC 405 Women, Values, and the Law
• SOC 408 Sociology of Law

Developmental Psychology
• PSY 302 Child Psychology
• PSY 220 Developmental Psychology
• PSY 304 Adolescent Psychology

Individual or Group Processes
• PSY 309 Theories and Techniques of Counseling
• PSY 402 Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relations
• PSY 415 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Multicultural Studies
• ANTH 305 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender
• EDU 434 Multicultural Education
• ENG 326 U.S. Ethnic Literature
• ENG 432 Stages in Women’s Lives

Foreign Language course at the 300 level or above

Public Policy
• EDU 407 Advocacy in Urban Schools
• PSC 312 Public Administration and Public Policy
• PSC 484 Racism and the Law**

*Program under review.

**Racism and the Law may satisfy the requirement in one area listed. Note: Major electives may be taken at other institutions with approval of the Program Coordinator; however, students must complete a total of 40 hours of required courses and major electives.