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Health Careers Program

Health Sciences Major

The major in health sciences provides an interdisciplinary approach to recognizing, evaluating and understanding key theories and concepts associated with individual health, wellness and various pathophysiologic conditions and their global impact on society. 

It includes courses from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and fine arts to educate students and enhance their critical analysis of disease processes using both quantitative and qualitative problem-solving skills. The major will also give a comprehensive overview of the
career options available in the health sciences. 

Upon successful completion of the major, students will be able to
1. Understand the issues of health equity, health disparity, mental health; as well as, emerging and zoonotic diseases;
2. Compare and contrast the diversity of careers in the health professions and appreciate the role of a liberal arts education in the context of the health sciences.
3. Discuss historical foundations of healthcare in the United States and the contributions of women and African Americans in the healthcare field.
4. Explain the role of health professionals on an interdisciplinary healthcare team. 
5. Develop community based health literacy interventions to address health disparities in an underserved community.
6. Articulate the meaning and correctly pronounce common medical terminology during scientific presentations and other formal oral and written communication activities.
7. Analyze the effectiveness of current traditional and non-traditional treatment models using a statistical review of data obtained from the Centers of Disease Control and the Health and Human Services Administration.

Requirements (28 hours)

• HS 201 Introduction to the Health Sciences
• Introduction to Public Health
• BIO 472 Mammalian Physiology
• BIO 233 Microbiology
• MATH 205 General Statistics
• Research and Evaluation in the Health Sciences
• Health Science Internship/Practicum

Electives (16 hours)
Four (4) Health Science courses

Cognate Courses
• MATH 211 Applied Calculus I
• BIO 115 Organismal Form and Function
• BIO 120 Cellular Dynamics
• CHEM 111 General Chemistry I and Lab
• CHEM 112 General Chemistry II and Lab
• CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
• CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry II and Lab

*The health sciences major at Spelman College was approved in May 2015. Special Requirements: None | Placement Requirements: None. Requirements for Completion: The health sciences major requires the completion of 37 credit hours.