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Environmental Sciences and Studies

About Environmental Sciences and Studies at Spelman College

The Environmental Sciences and Studies majors and minors (ESS) at Spelman College are housed under the Environmental and Health Sciences Program (EHSP). The goals of ESS are:

(i) to prepare students for graduate school and employment
(ii) to give students a solid conceptual foundation and skills sets to address the current global environmental challenges, and
(iii) to prepare students to incorporate sustainability as way of life and live as environmentally literate citizens. 

The Environmental Sciences Program offers three areas of concentration: graduate school, pre-health, and dual-degree engineering. Students will receive a sound STEM-based conceptual foundation, in the areas of soil, water and atmospheric science, as well as computer and technological competency aligned towards either professional careers or advanced degree path.

The Environmental Studies Program prepares students for careers and further studies in the interface of environmental and social/economical/political sciences such as environmental policy, environmental management, environmental law, and sustainability, among others.

ESS is designed to build up skills and strengthen scientific competence providing advantageous cutting edge opportunities, as well as planned activities – laboratory and field aiming to enhance scientific inquiry and analysis of quantitative data through spatial and numerical modelling.

For students, who want to have some background in environmental sciences, without completing a major, ESS offers minors in the areas of: environmental health, environmental sciences, and environmental studies.

Since the Environmental Sciences and Studies are broad field, we expect students to know beforehand which area they are interested in. While at Spelman, we encourage students to concentrate their efforts to deepen the knowledge around their chosen area of interest choosing internships and research opportunities to support their goals.