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Film and Visual Culture Minor

Today’s world is increasingly visual. The minor in film and visual culture gives students the critical tools they need to navigate our visual world. From film and television to photography and social media, we study images and the stories they tell about the cultures that produce them. 

Film and Visual Culture Required Courses

The film & visual culture minor requires five classes. All students take Cinema Literacies and Feminist Film Criticism and then can choose three or more courses from a variety of available classes including the following:

  • Images of Women in the Media
  • Documentary Photography
  • Race and Media Theory
  • Media and “Reality:" Reality TV and Documentary Film
  • Screenwriting
  • Afro-Brazilian Cinema
  • Francophone Cinema
  • Latin American Cinema
  • and many more classes focusing on visual culture and mass media

Spelman graduates are engaged citizens whose degrees give them the skills they need to help change the world! FVC minors are sharp readers, viewers, and change agents who understand the visual and media environment.  Whether moving on to the work world or to grad or professional school, the minor in Film and Visual Culture helps you begin your journey.

In Their Own Words: Alumnae Share Real-World Experiences

LeaScruggsSince graduating from Spelman, I’ve traveled around the world for self exploration and to write/produce investigative documentaries for National Geographic, Radical Media, the New York Times and Vice. Going into college, I thought that I needed to study broadcast news to become a reporter. I was wrong.

At Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, where I earned my master's degree in journalism, I built upon the education I received at Spelman. Having to report on a deadline and in communities where people looked more like me and less like my classmates at Columbia, I was able to unearth stories that many of them were “uncomfortable” doing. Learning how to shape a story, fact check, read and think critically about a source, unpacking a character’s voice or motive are just a few things that my classes at Spelman taught me.

Lea Zora Scruggs C’2012, English Major, Filmmaker, National Geographic Producer

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Why Film? Why Now?

Why not study film and visual culture in Atlanta, the East Coast capital of film and television production? With the FVC minor you can take courses across a range of disciplines and you can even choose a course from other Atlanta schools such as Morehouse and Clark Atlanta.


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