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Dual Degree Program at Spelman

Dual Degree Engineering Requirements

The Dual Degree Engineering Program affords students the opportunity to obtain both a liberal arts education and a professional engineering education. In the program, the student spends a minimum of three academic years at Spelman College and two academic years at a participating engineering school.

Upon completion of all requirements at both institutions, the student is simultaneously awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Spelman College and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the engineering institution. The student has the option of choosing or not choosing a major at Spelman.



Students are required to take the following courses in addition to their major course requirements. The courses listed below are required for admission to the partner engineering institutions.

Required Courses
• Calculus I, II, III 
• Computer Programming I (C++)
• Chemistry I, II with Labs
• Differential Equations
• Economics (Macro or Micro)
• Engineering Elective
• Introduction to Engineering
• Linear Algebra
• Physics I, II with Labs

Participating Engineering Schools


In addition to the academic support provided by Spelman offices, the Atlanta University Center also assists Spelman students through the AUC Dual Degree Engineering Program Office. Information is available at

Student Organizations and Affiliations


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