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Dual Degree Program at Spelman

Dual Degree Engineering FAQs

How does the Dual Degree Engineering Program operate?
The Dual Degree Engineering Program (DDEP) is a cooperative arrangement with the Atlanta University Center (i.e. Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College) Consortium and 15 partner engineering institutions. DDEP allows Spelman students the opportunity to obtain a world class liberal arts education as well as an engineering education. The student attends Spelman College a minimum of three academic years and two academic years at a partner engineering school. Upon completion of the program, the student receives two bachelor degrees, a Spelman College Bachelor of Science degree in the designated field of study and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the partner engineering institution.

What are the eligibility requirements for a student to be admitted into the program?
Admitted Spelman students majoring in Economics, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, General Science, Math or Physics are eligible to participate in the program. There are required courses for all program participants to complete regardless of their Spelman major before she can transfer to an engineering institution.

How long does the program last?
DDEP is designed to be a 5-year program. With approval, students are allowed to complete the requirements according to their specific academic sequence which varies according to courses completed in high school and AP exams.

When do I graduate from Spelman/Engineering School?
DDEP is a 3+2 year program in which students complete their liberal arts B.S. degree in three years here at Spelman, and then transfer to their respective engineering school where they spend two additional years working toward their engineering degree. Both degrees from Spelman and the Engineering school are awarded upon completion of the program. Students who wish to “participate" in the graduation ceremony with their class must meet the Spelman College graduation requirements
by published deadlines.

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