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Computer and Information Sciences Minors

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Computer Science Minor

The computer science minor is designed primarily for students with a science background. It consists of six courses. The three required courses for this option are CIS 111, CIS 121, and either CIS 215 or CIS 216. One elective may be chosen from CIS courses numbered 210 or above. The final two electives must be chosen from courses numbered 300 or above with consultation from the department. For example, students may choose courses from the set CIS 313, CIS 346, CIS 346, and CIS 465, or from the set CIS 302, CIS 328, CIS 413, CIS 401, and CIS 465. The suggested mathematical cognates for this option are MATH 214 and MATH 234.

Information Science Minor

The Information Science minor is designed for non-science majors and is oriented toward business and information science. MATH 107 is the required mathematics course, but MATH 115 or higher is acceptable. The minor consists of six courses, which must include CIS 121, CIS 215, CIS 213 or CIS 216, and CIS 313 or CIS 328 or CIS 343. Two electives may be chosen from CIS courses listed as electives in the option above, or MGT 300, Principles of Management. Other substitutions may be made with approval by the Department.

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