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Computer and Information Sciences Major

Forty-five to 48 semester hours are required for the bachelor of science in computer science, including 36 required core course hours and at least three additional elective courses chosen from any computer and information science courses at the 300 level or above. In addition to the credit-bearing courses, participation in first-year and senior seminars is required. Computer science majors are required to take CIS 113 Discovering Computer Science: Python as a prerequisite to CIS 123 Computer Science 1: Python. Each of the courses presented for the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

The numbers following the course names indicate the credit hours, lecture hours, and laboratory hours, respectively.


Core Major Requirements (36 Hours)
• CIS 113 Discovering Computer Science: Python (4-3-2)
• CIS 123 Computer Science I: Python (4-3-2)
• CIS 181, 182 First-Year Seminar (0-1-0)
• CIS 215 Data Structures and Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science (4-3-2)
• CIS 216 Computer Organization and Design (4-3-2)
• CIS 313 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (4-3-0)
• CIS 328 Introduction to Database Management Systems Design (4-3-0)
• CIS 343 Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (4-3-1)
• CIS 346 Theory of Programming Languages (4-3-0)
• CIS 481 Senior Seminar I (0-1-0)
• CIS 482 Senior Seminar II (1-1-0)

One of the following two courses:
• CIS 472 Software Engineering (4-3-0)
• CIS 485 Senior Design Project (4-0-3)

Note: Independent study/research hours may not be counted as required hours in computer science.

Major Cognate Courses
• MATH 231 Calculus I
• MATH 232 Calculus II
• MATH 233 Foundations of Mathematics OR MATH 205 General Statistics OR MATH 214 Linear Algebra and Application
• MATH 234 Discrete Mathematics

Two semesters of calculus-based Physics:
• PHY 151 and PHY 241 (or a student may substitute PHY241 for an alternative science course with approval of the Department Chair.)

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