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CWS Minor Requirements

Comparative Women's Studies Minor Requirements

For comparative women’s studies minor requirements, students may fulfill the requirements of the minor by taking a minimum of 20 hours (five courses). Two courses are required: introduction to comparative women’s studies (CWS 270) and feminist theory (CWS 471). One social science division course and one humanities or fine arts division course are also required. The minor, like the major, is a flexible, faculty monitored, interdisciplinary plan of study designed to meet the needs of individual students.


Download Requirements (PDF)

• CWS 270: Introduction to Comparative Women’s Studies
• CWS 310: Documenting Women: Oral Narratives and Digital Media Production I 
• CWS 311: Documenting Women: Oral Narratives and Digital Media Production II 
• CWS 320: Cinemythic Journey: Black Woman as Hero in American Cinema
• CWS 330: Special Topics in Women's Studies 
• CWS 331: Women’s Health Disparities 
• CWS 336: Feminist Qualitative Research Methods
• CWS 370: Women and Social Resistance Movements
• CWS 400: The Black Female Body in American Culture 
• CWS 412: Gender & Health in Cross Cultural Perspectives 
• CWS 421: Independent Study/Internship/Practicum: 421A: Practicum in Women’s Activism Studies
• CWS 471: Feminist Theory and Thought 
• CWS 491: Honors Thesis

The following courses are cross-listed and housed in other departments:
• CWS/ANTH 305: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women 
• CWS/ART 322: Issues in Women’s Art 
• CWS/DRA 305: Women in Theatre and Drama 
• CWS/DRA 377: Women in Dance: Sexuality, Sexism and Subversion 
• CWS/ECON 320: Women in the Economy 
• CWS/ENG 215: 20th-Century Black Women Writers
• CWS/ENG 216: Images of Women in Non-Western Literature 
• CWS/ENG 314: Representations of Women in Literature 
• CWS/ENG 404: Woman as Writer 
• CWS/ENG 409: Images of Women in the Media 
• CWS/ENG 433: Postcolonial Women Writers 
• CWS/FRE 302: African/Francophone Cinema 
• CWS/SHIS 314: Women in the U.S. 
• CWS/SHIS 344: Women in Modern China 
• CWS/SHIS 358: European Women Toward Equality
• CWS/SHIS 371: Women in Latin-American History 
• CWS/SHIS 421: In Our Own Words: African-American Women’s Biography and Auto-Biography
• CWS/SHIS 452: Seminar in Gender and Family in Early Modern Europe 
• CWS/SHIS 462: Seminar: Race, Class and Gender in the English-Speaking Caribbean
• CWS/SHIS 471: Seminar: Race, Class and Gender in Brazil 
• CWS/MUS 130: Women in Music 
• CWS/PHIL 221: Feminist Philosophy 
• CWS/PSY 206: Psychology of Women 
• CWS/REL 220: Women of the Bible 
• CWS/SOC 210/JSC 210: Women in Japanese Society 
• CWS/SOC 291: Race, Class and Gender
• CWS/SOC 336: Feminist Qualitative Research Methods 
• CWS/SOC 370: Women and Social Resistance Movements 
• CWS/SOC 405: Women, Values and the Law
• CWS/SOC 415 Sociology of Women
• CWS/SOC 430: Special Topics: Violence Against Women 
• CWS/SPA 478: Special Topics: The Universe of the Women of Color in Afro-Hispanic Literature

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